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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we respect every individual's privacy. We understand the vitality of your assurance and security of information. We suggest and see your information as "private information". We don't reveal any information to any outcast. We keep up to date security measures on our website.

We use certain information in ways exactly when fitting with the explanations behind which we at first requested it. Case in point, we will use the information to make you good offers. guarantees that delegate with admission to ordered customer information may not use or uncover the information. All delegates are basic to protect such information, as decided in the security terms. Our customers are our pride. Therefore, we have given our customers the capacity to subscribe or unsubscribe to our services. Customer security is our initially require along these lines you can rely on upon us.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy is possible if: -

If a client chooses to do, they must either do it with 24 hours from ordering it otherwise once it is shipped it cannot be refunded with 100% money back. It is because the banks deduct 50% of the billing charge for consumer transactions.

Cancellation policy isn't possible: -
  • In case, the customer provided an incorrect address.
  • After the product is packaged and shipped.
  • If the goods are damaged
  • Once again, only 50% of the billing price will be refunded.
Refunding Policy

Clients should read the terms and conditions regarding the company before moving forward to conduct business with them.

Refunding is only allowed on certain grounds such as; -
  • If can be reimbursed if the customer cancels the order within 24 hours with 100% money back.
  • Clients get 100% refund if the goods fail to be conveyed within 8-12 working days.